Pen And Paper

Pen And Paper - a roguelike to play around with

This game is not complete. It's not even a game but just some maze generation algorithm where I added a player to wander through the maze and test the scrolling behavior :LOL:
It's my first try with GameMaker:Studio and I'm very happy with the progress so far. And of course this game is working under Windows as well. If I would own a Mac I could also generate a Mac runnable version. All based on the same source code without any changes! That's what I call cross platform game development!

Use the cursor keys to walk around, press Space to generate a new maze. You might need to click on the game to gain the focus...
Additionally you can press F10 to enter fullscreen mode!

The mini map in the upper left corner can't be hidden currently. This is just a basic functionality test of the maze generation and of the HTML5 integration into TOWeb.

There's nothing more to do right now :LOL:

Feel free to add some comments.
And yes, I'm aware that under some strange conditions some hallways aren't connected even if they should be...