How long are 10 seconds?

Some info and screenshots

Around March 2010 I discovered They have a monthly game creation competition and the current theme was "10 seconds". You are allowed 7 days of development time for the game during the current month.

I liked the theme and remembered my good old days at school where in the early 80's we sat with our brand new digital watches with timer functionality and tried to stop the timer at 10 seconds. Of course without watching at the watch but we hid the watches under the table.

This sounded like a good idea for the theme. But just guessing a time frame of 10 seconds and clicking two times seemed a bit boring. So I added the "avoid everything" game play to it and - voila - we have a game.

It did not take longer than the 7 days of coding time but it took me longer than March in real life time to finish the game due to real life...

But I learned a lot about using Matt Bennett's cool mbmFramework. Additionally I played around with my new graphics tool Real-DRAW Pro 5 and managed to create all the graphics for this game (yes, I know, they are pretty simple but I like them :LOL:).

As some kind of donation to the nice BlitzMax community and Matt Bennett for creating the mbmFramework I decided to give the game away for free including all the sources. Enjoy!


Menu screens
Simply use the mouse to click on the menu items and click on the OK button to return to the main menu afterwards.

Click on Start Game to start a new game.

Left click to start every new level. After 10 seconds (or as close as you can get) left click again to see your results for the current level.

As long as the level result is shown you don't need to avoid the enemies. You can relax a bit and breathe 8-)

ESC to return to the main menu.


Main title screen

Level 4


You can download the game plus the full source code here!