Bubbles - my post compo entry of LD 32

Bubbles - enhanced version of my Ludum Dare 32 entry

Shortly after releasing my LD 32 entry I got rated. And some players detected a bug I also realized immediately after uploading my game to the Ludum Dare website.
I messed up the checkpoint stuff. Although checkpoints were stored I restarted the level every time the player "died". Which kind of ruined the idea to charm all monsters because restarting meant all monsters became uncharmed again. Duh. Down goes the whole game idea...

Another "bug or feature" were the unforgiving collisions. I used rectangles for collision areas but instead of resizing the collision areas to the visible or collidable parts of spikes or the player I used the full image size. Manageable for me cause I knew exactly where to jump but nearly impossible for everyone else. Annoying.

So I decided to upload an improved version which you can find here.

And I've even uploaded a newer version. I modified the wall jump to behave like "usual". If you're jumping up on a wall you move a bit sideways away from the wall. I also fixed the free flying hearts - they now belong to the charmed enemy and stay on top of its head.
Finally I played around with some dust particles when you land on the ground - just some eye candy 

Go to my Ludum Dare 32 page if you want to play the original game.

Otherwise have fun with the enhanced version below!

It's a peaceful low resolution platformer with lots of functionality (Jumpthrough and moving platforms, double jumping, wall jumping, checkpoints, moving monsters, hazards) and currently 5 levels to play.

You can play the game in any HTML5 browser. Press F10 to play it full screen!

Download here

You can also download a Windows standalone executable which additionally supports gamepads.

Download Bubbles 1.0.1