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A little tool to define areas for animation sequences from a big image containing all frames (not necessarily ordered).

How to handle this beta beast?

  • Load an image
  • Specify a frame width and height
  • Specify a startx and starty position
  • Play around with offsetx and offsety position. The position of the next frame is xpos + framewidth + offsetx
  • Nr of frames specifies how many red rectangles with a sequenced number are drawn
  • Skip frames defines how many FPS are skipped before the next animation frame is shown. Use this to control the speed of your animation. PB AnimMapper uses a fixed frame rate of 60 FPS
  • Sequence of frames allows you to select the frames and the order they are drawn
  • A sequence is a comma separated list of values
  • A value is a frame number or a range
  • A range is made of two numbers separated by a minus sign (like 5-10, meaning frames 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • You can name the animation whatever you want
  • Use the Test Animation button to preview your animation
  • Use the Save Animation button to save an UFF file which is an XML like file format, supported by PlayBasic
  • Use the Load Animation button to load an UFF file and playback the stored animation

Have fun with it 8-)

If you ask in a friendly manner I might send the source code to you. For now the screenshot and the download must do ;-)

Just click on the button to start the download. It's a simple zip. Extract into any directory and have a look.

PBAnimMapper (beta)