Astrobreak - some enhanced Asteroids clone, coded for the Underware Design retro competition 2006!
It made the third place - out of four entries :LOL:

Some screenshots and info

Astrobreak is a simple Asteroids clone.
But it adds something new to the game - powerups and powerdowns.
Okay, powerups are not new but powerdowns are.
Aliens will shoot at you - with their first shot they will try to hit you with their powerdown weapon. If they hit a random powerdown will affect you for 15(!) seconds. This can be a very long time.
As soon as you are "powerdowned" aliens will shoot at you with their vaporizers - you were warned!

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Astrobreak interim release (2006/04/06)

This is not the final release but an interim release to tease you a bit more ;-)

Things that got improved:

  • Classic steering mode added (see options menu)
  • improved collision handling
  • Volume control for sound and music
  • enhanced menu functionality
  • saving of game settings
  • minor graphics enhancements (title screen)

Go and download it. You can post comments or feedback in the Astrobreak final thread in the UWDesign forums.
Underware Design forum topic

Download original version

Download source code

Download interim version