Game Dev tutorials

Here you will find tutorials covering several programming languages and different topics.

Top down shooter tutorial (BlitzMax)

This is my first tutorial for BlitzMax. The intention is to create a nice top down shooter using object oriented code and other cool features of BlitzMax.
I will start with a simple version first and while adding more and more features the game will become much more fun and you'll learn many interesting and important things ;-)


Space Invaders tutorial part 1 (PlayBasic)

This is part one of a PlayBasic tutorial to get people attracted to this fine game programming tool.

It will target PlayBasic beginners but not complete programming beginners.
The first game will be Space Invaders and in the first tutorial part we will cover general coding guidelines, types, constants, globals, main loop and just a simple base version of Space Invaders.

Future parts will cover time based game updates, dealing with game states (for title, highscore list, game, menu, etc.), animation, sound and music.

Space Invaders tutorial part 1

Space Invaders tutorial part 2 (PlayBasic)

This part will introduce you to more features of PlayBasic.
We will cover

  • animations,
  • sound,
  • split source files,
  • game states and
  • main menu code

in more or less details.

Unfortunately it's not done yet :-/

Space Invaders tutorial part 2