Ludum Dare 29

My entry for Ludum Dare 29

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So this is my first participation in Ludum Dare.

This page contains the HTML5 version of my LD 29 entry "Holy Moly" to play with.

It's some 8 bit style retro game where you guide a little mole in search for worms. If you have found and eaten all worms you'll get to the next level / garden.
Every now and then you'll need fresh air and thus have to dig upwards. But be careful - the gardener has powerful boots! And a garden hose! And did I hear the sound of rats?

You can play the game in any HTML5 browser.

Have fun, I surely did while creating it! And don't forget: this game was created just by me (all coding, all graphics, all sounds) in around 30 hours, including sleeping, eating, cooking and so on!

Download link for the source code

Here you can download the compressed GameMaker:Studio project file to import into GameMaker:Studio.
Holy Moly Source Code (GameMaker:Studio .gmz)