Hi there, I'm Thomas, a software developer team leader by day and husband and father all day long.

In my spare time I create games, assets, tools and tutorials (where Godot Engine is the current weapon of choice). You will find some of them presented below, the rest can be found using the menu above.

I also try to blog regularly (with more or less success), as you can see in my Blog.

Have fun during your visit here and feel free to contact me  if you have any questions!

Selected games, assets and tools

Power lines down!

Ingame screenshot

Power lines down! is a game I developed for the Ludum Dare 39 competition.

Right now I'm improving gameplay, graphics, audio and so on and will upload it to my site when it's mostly done for testing!

Current progress can be found in the Blog.


They come!

They Come! is my first step into the adventure of releasing a commercial game for Windows and Android.

It is a turn based strategy game with procedurally generated levels, lots of gameplay options, many upgrades to choose from and nice graphics and audio!

It also offers online and local highscores and achievements (using GameJolt).

 Give it a try and support an indie game developer ;-)


globalstats.io Online Highscores

For a long time I've been searching for a secure, powerful and free online highscore service that also works cross platform.

Finally I found globalstats.io, which is just what I desired. I decided to create a free Marketplace asset for GameMaker Studio to allow any GameMaker developer to add online highscores to their game!


10 Seconds

10 Seconds is my main work in progress title. It will become a little free Android game. This game shall help me to create a foundation of assets/libs/scripts to speed up my own game development in the future. I try to only use assets from kenney.nl because they look nice and humorous and fit the game idea ;-)

Read more about it in the Blog.



Bubbles is a post-compo entry of Ludum Dare 32. A little platformer with a tiny resolution and a peaceful gameplay created in 48 hours. I just fixed some bugs and added minimal stuff. I might pick up this game in the future and add more stuff to it...


Local achievements

While developing They Come! I added an achievement system to the game. After finishing it's develeopment I decided to offer it as a standalone GameMaker Studio Marketplace asset.

The system uses local storage, is cross platform and can easily be added to your game.